Farm Life

Grateful for the Sun

A few years ago I started to learn of about the benefits of vitamin D and the necessity of sun exposure for all humans. That was when I lived in the Pacific Northwest of the US, in the cloudy, rainy state of Oregon. Having grown up in California where most days are sunny, moving to… Continue reading Grateful for the Sun


Back in the Workshop :: mending kits, tarot cards, and stationary making

This week I had a bunch of orders from my online shop and in person, so I am back into the sewing practice to refill the virtual shelves of Flora Libra. Last night I stayed up a little late crafting and brainstorming for the future of this blog & business, so I wanted to share… Continue reading Back in the Workshop :: mending kits, tarot cards, and stationary making


Creative Lists and Bullet Journaling

One of the biggest challenges of adulting has been making routines and staying organized. It has been one of those good challenges because something I really didn't enjoy about being a child/teenager was going to school where someone else decided my day-to-day. And now at 28 years old, my "career" consists of various side gigs… Continue reading Creative Lists and Bullet Journaling

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Garden Journal :: the transitional time

Just a week after the equinox I sit in the garden surrounded by pots and type out this blog post with the help of my cellphone. It is officially fall in the Southern Hemisphere and although the weather is getting cooler, gardening is far from over. Fall is a great time to plant and grow… Continue reading Garden Journal :: the transitional time

Gardens & Ecology

Garden Journal :: landscaping w/ hand tools

In a recent post I mentioned that we recently acquired a lawnmower to keep the grass low in certain areas around the farm. In that article I mentioned that we also picture a horse on these lawns and fields but forgot to include other tools we use for landscaping. I also use a diversity of… Continue reading Garden Journal :: landscaping w/ hand tools

Crafts · Gardens & Ecology

Crafting with Herbs :: making dry bouquets

There is a special magic intrinsically linked to the beauty of plants, especially when arranged in bouquets or decoration. Personally I love to make and dry bouquets to enjoy in future months or to burn as incense. In this blog post I will share with you the process of making herbal bouquets with two very… Continue reading Crafting with Herbs :: making dry bouquets