DIY & crafty gifts

This year I won't be traveling to home for the holidays, but I will surely be giving thanks and giving gifts! One alternative way to give thanks is by going through my wardrobe to repair holes & mend tears of my most loved clothing. This green wool sweater, for example, has been with me for … Continue reading DIY & crafty gifts

Monarchs north and south

My interest in butterfly research began a couple of years ago after hearing about the declining populations of the western monarch in North America. With more research I've become hopeful thst monarch populations will rise again, mostly due to the hundreds of monarch enthusiasts who raise and release monarch butterflies and also cultivate their host … Continue reading Monarchs north and south

Gardening for pollinators : butterflies of the season.

We grow flowers amongst our vegetable garden not just for their beauty but also to atract butterflies. This year the calendula flowers have been extra abundant and all kinds of butterflies -and bees- have been making frequent visits. Here are a few of the most common flyers we see this spring 2020: Orthia Crescent butterfly … Continue reading Gardening for pollinators : butterflies of the season.