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Homesteader Diary :: Summer Garden Update

A few months have past since I posted a garden update. I had a few topical articles I was eager to share about butterflies and ecology but this blog isn’t only for talking about ecology – it’s also about being a part of ecology. We all play a significant role in our local ecologies and ecosystems – this post is a summary of the last few weeks in our herb + vegetable garden which is the ecology that surrounds our home!

Finaly, weather has turned rainy and most days are either overcast or very hot – which is normal weather for the summer here in Argentina. We are trying our best to take advantage of this ideal weather to sew seeds and transplant all the fruits of summer in the garden beds – like these young corn transplants.Tomatoes, cucumbers and basil are just starting to produce fruits & leaves for our daily salads which is great because Jonathan & I both were growing tired of swiss chard salads that we ate all winter and spring:The herb garden is thriving though a bit over grown. This year we tried planting seasonal crops like sunflowers and squash in between the herbs:In the pictures you can see mullein, yarrow, onions, and sunflowers too. I am also very proud of these echinacea plants that are in their second year and doing so well in the herb spiral. I am proud because I thought they had all died last winter :And of course collecting lots of fruit from around the farm. This week and last has been all about blackberries which I pick for breakfast every morning.Soon I will take some pictures of Jona and I will take some photos of Jona and I in action in the garden. We spend at least a couple of hours there most days but hardly ever remember to document with pics. Here is an old picture of me filling up a new garden area last fall and bellow that a picture of that same area now, totally covered in squash and bean plants:I have a lot of articles and posts in mind & in the works, a list of my favorite flowers to atract butterflies, an article about pen pals, and a little behind the scenes of my new shop & online business – all topics coming soon to the Flora Libra blog. Happy gardening 🌱

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