the Flora Libra Shop :: officially open for business

During the last month or so I have been working on filling this blog with interesting posts and stocking the virtual shelves of my online store. I wanted to let you all know about some of the physical products I have for sale there; crafting supplies, print publications and stationary sets. All of these items are made by me in a shared art studio in rural Argentina and can be mailed to any country in the world.


the Floral stationary set :

This kit contains 6 envelopes in two designs and 12 pages in two designs as well. All are floral patterned, curated by me & printed onto recycled paper which is a lovely off-white. Writing letters to loved ones and friends far away is making a come-back this year – why not send your old pen pals a beauty heart felt letter this year? You can find the link to the set here.


the Flora Libra Zine vol. 1 :

Finally after years of wanting to, I am getting back into writing a print publication again! This will be a quarterly zine, released 4 times a year and is meant to be a companion to this blog – I will go much more into detail on some topics discussed here. So, if you like what I write about here, please consider ordering a print copy of my zine.

This issue is a introduction to herbal medicine and butterfly gardens, with some personal stories too. 20 color illustrated pages for $6 including shipping anywhere in the world.


Sewing kits: I have two custom, handmade sewing kits for sale. Each is unique and I will be making more as they sell. These are the most expensive items in my shop $22 including shipping worldwide. The price is slightly higher because the kits include so much – tiny scissors, colorful patches, thread, pins & more – all the essentials to mend clothing and patch holes. If interested here is the link.Here is the other kit currently for sale & the link to the listing on etsy :More crafty kits, new issues of the zine and stationary sets in other styles will be available soon. I will announce here & on instagram when more items are available. But, if you don’t have the funds at the moment, no problem! You reading, liking, commenting, or sharing this blog helps me a lot too. I wish you all success with personal projects & businesses in this new year!

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