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Garden Journal : harvesting summer

I spent the weekend outside and enjoying the perfect summer weather. Our garden is in full swing, there is so much collecting, transplanting and organizing to do so I photographed the highlights of my summer garden chores to shar with you all.

Crafting bouquets of lavender, marigolds and lemon balm, these will dry in the herb dehydrator for about a month. After thoroughly drying out they can be burned for purifying ceremonies or just used as decoration.

Nasturtiums in full bloom climbing up a little bamboo fence that divides one of the chicken runs from the rest of the garden. I love to harvest these spicy flowers and leaves for green saladas.

Old ceramic pots growing arugula microgreens. I also planted cilantro in other pots and will set up another with lettuce later on this week. I let these grow for a couple of weeks before cutting the young leaves for salads. After a couple rounds of cutting the roots and soil will be composted to make room for another batch of microgreens. Spinach, kale and chard will also work – you just need lots of seeds.

Even older ceramic pots got turned into labels to keep all the young starts organized. Previously Jona and I made labels with cardboard and tape but they only lasted a season. The ink may wash off but these ceramic bits will be able to handle the rains of summer & beyond!

More marigold (called Tagetes in Spanish) last year I intended to dry making marigold dye but this year I really will. I am also drying petals for crafting more magical floral bottles, which you can read about in a recent post on the topic.

And of course, I must show the guardians of the garden, Kisu, Paprika, Reishi, Tacu & Brujula:

My mom has said that seeing pictures of these cute kittens has been her therapy these last few months so, I wanted to share this exclusive shot of a recent group nap. Be it summer or winter wherever you are, I wish you the best during these February days!

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