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Incoming Mail :: letters & packages received this week

On my instagram page I posted a few pictures of the mail I received on Friday and wanted to also share them here because seeing mail gives me joy, what about you?? Here we have a small package of books from an online book store owned by a friend and a handwritten letter from a new pen pal in Califonia named Melanie – she even used my new floral stationary I sent her in a trade.

So excited to see my envelope in action & so excited to write to my pen pal/friend 💚📝

And in continuation of my mini-series on tools for learning Spanish, here are the most recent additions to my library. Both of these books are from a friend’s online book shop that sells books on women’s & gender related subjects. If you are learning Spanish – check out the titles & subtitles – what words do you understand?

And here are a few excerpts from Ginecología Natural. This edition comes with lots of illustrations which is something I always look for when purchasing books in a foreign language. Graphics and illustrations are extremely helpful context clues and can help you deduce the meaning of new vocabulary. And as always, remembering to write new words down to look up or ask about later is a step toward encouroprating that new word into daily use. Though I may not be using all this new Ginogolocial vocab in my daily conversations!

When learning a new language, or reinforcing a language you once spoke well, it is key to always add new and interesting media into your life. This could be podcasts, televisions series or print publications. If you are just starting out with learning Spanish or any other language starting with children’s books is totally okay!! Happy learning!

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