My Outdoor Office

Our home is small but the outdoors are vast so, I have taken to working outside when I can. Somedays I set up my notebook here and write for this blog & my other online jobs. Other days this is where I create for my little herbal botánica, pull tarot cards, or simply admire the view of our garden which lies just bellow the desk area.

Today I am doing a little of everything- processing herbs & flowers for my botánica, admiring the view and typing up this blog post to share some of the summer joy with you all. From my vantage point I see the last of the sunflowers in bloom, my kittens running around and rough housing and the chickens foraging around their coop. In times like these I am so grateful for the abundance of the garden and life in general.

The flowers being processed are Dahlias and Marigolds which I use in my magical bottles in my little online shop/botánica and also to make pot pourri for our house. I like to fill our place with aromatic herbs in the form of lavender pillows aand potpourri to keep away pests like mosquitos & fleas.

The Language of Flowers ::

Energetically having herbs and flowers in the home attracts positivity- though each flower or herb has their own esoteric meaning and attract distinctly, depending on the herb.

Marigolds are also called Flor de Muerto – the Flower of the Dead. Instead of attracting death however, these flowers show respect and remembrance for loved ones who have passed on, but specifically the yellow marigolds native to México. These reddish-orangeish Marigolds are said to signify happiness, joy, passion and good luck. They also have a fantastic perfume when fresh as well as dried so they are a key ingredient to my home made potpourri ~ recipe bellow.

And Dahlias – these flowers are known for their beauty and stand for mystery too. I love these darker magenta hues and use the dried petals so an ingredient in my Self love & Romance magic bottles – which also consist of rose petals, yarrow & lavender flowers.

At the moment these bottles are only for sale here in Argentina but hopefully worldwide someday. At the moment I have some lovely floral stationary in my etsy shop if you feel in the mood for supporting my blog & business ❤

My Floral Pot Pourri Recipe::

~ 1 part dried marigold petals

~1 part dried lemon verbena leaves (and flowers if possible)

~1 part dried lavender flowers

~ 1 part dried rose petals

With those four herbs as a base you can add smaller amounts of other herbs or flower you may have on hand like yarrow flowers, rosemary leaves or flowers, calendula, and jasmin flowers.

In a ceramic or wooden bowl process the herbs, if needed cut up the material with a pair of scissors which will help release a bit of their oil and scents. Then add them to a clean jar and close the lid – some people add a few drops of essential oil before closing but this isnt totally necessary. Hold the closed jar in your hands and send the concoction your positive energy. Imagine the herbs & scents attracting positivity, love and beauty into your home.

The herbs should remain enclosed in their jar for a couple of weeks – the perfume of each ingredient will infuse together during this time. When a couple of weeks have passed you can out the pot pourri in a small bowl or jar to be left open in a room & fill the place with wonderful smells.

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