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Crafting with Herbs :: making dry bouquets

There is a special magic intrinsically linked to the beauty of plants, especially when arranged in bouquets or decoration. Personally I love to make and dry bouquets to enjoy in future months or to burn as incense. In this blog post I will share with you the process of making herbal bouquets with two very common herbs; Pine needles and Lavender.

You don’t have to limit yourself to pine tips and lavender flowers, most other herbs still work – I suggest trying rosemary & roses or lemon grass leaves & lemon balm flowers as well.

To begin: collect your plant material and be sure to cut about 2 inches longer than your desired bouquet – when possible, it is okay if flower stems are a bit shorter. You can collect and do this craft in the same day or collect one day, keep the plant material flat on a basket or cardboard and then tie up your bundles a couple of days later – that is up to you!

Then, prepare a bundle of plant material and arrange the leaves and flowers however you like- just remember that these bundles will dry & shrink a bit.

Now with your newly wrapped mini-bouquets, leave them in a warm and dry place until they have dried,during 2 to 3 weeks. After this period has passed they should be moisture-free and ready to store, gift, or burn. I like to give these as gifts to nature-loving friends and burn them inside & outside before and after visits from guests. These little bouquets also make lovely decorations on tables or in a jar like a fresh bouquet but without water. Happy crafting everyone!

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