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Garden Journal :: the transitional time

Just a week after the equinox I sit in the garden surrounded by pots and type out this blog post with the help of my cellphone. It is officially fall in the Southern Hemisphere and although the weather is getting cooler, gardening is far from over. Fall is a great time to plant and grow leafy greens so, in between typing out paragraphs and uploading pics for this post & others, I will be putting up seedlings of lettuce, tat soi & kale.

Beyond planting and transplanting, the main garden chore is to mulch everything- that is, cover all the garden beds with a thick layer of organic material to protect from cold weather & drying out. At the moment we have tons of dry grass clippings and soon will have pounds and pounds of fallen leaves.

All year we make salads with the garden produce, I love the end of summer salads of tomatoes, cucumbers & bell peppers. The onions went into a stir-fry which Jona made on an open fire – parrilla style.

I have also been seeming a few monarch butterflies around recently and always stop to stare or try to capture a picture on my camera. They are relatives or the Western Monarch that live in North America and are just as camera shy, luckily I was able to capture these moments:

The chickens are almost entirely grown up and it looks like they are all females though I’m not 100% sure yet. We just have 5 chickens – a small but manageable flock of egg layers. Last week they moved into the 2nd chicken run, a shady area of lots of tall weeds – I cleared some areas for them to forage bugs and fixed all the holes in the fence dividing chicken run 1 & 2. In their first chicken run we are letting the soil rest for a few weeks before planting our fall/winter leafy greens.

And lastly, we finally harvested the last of the corn & corn silk which I saved as well. The corn will be dried and hopefully milled to make polenta or corn flower. The corn silk is a delicious tea for urinary tract infection or prevention.

That is all for the garden updates. March is almost over now, looking back it was a very productive time and we ate so much of what we grew ourselves in the garden or collected on the land, feeling blessed!

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