Creative Lists and Bullet Journaling

One of the biggest challenges of adulting has been making routines and staying organized. It has been one of those good challenges because something I really didn’t enjoy about being a child/teenager was going to school where someone else decided my day-to-day.

And now at 28 years old, my “career” consists of various side gigs that are all loosely tied by the themes of art & ecology. I also have a lot of daily chores where we live, in the garden, and with our farm animals – so keeping organized and not forgetting about any essential task is important. That is where list making and bullet journals come in. In the previous photo you can see a few pictures from my work related notebook, full of color-coded to-do list relating to my work for a small online art store

Bullet Journals are creative and free-form notebooks where the owner decides the structure – exactly what this Libra sun, Capricorn ascendant needs: a balance between freedom and structure. There is no one way to design a bullet journal. My personal method is to dedicate two pages to each week, one page of lists and the other page a layout with a section for each day of the week:

Keeping things beautiful keeps me motivated. Even the boring tasks related to farming or working remotely become a bit more interesting when written in green ink or decorated with a fun sticker. I am actually working on some mini journals & sticker kits for my online shop so stay tuned for that! And meanwhile, I hope this post has inspired you to bring some color into organizing you work & daily routines.

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