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Fall Garden Journal :: harvesting beans & grains

March, April & May are the months of harvests here in Argentina. Here it is fall. The nut trees have ripened and so have many grains in the garden. This year we had a good second year with corn and also experimented growing amaranth and beans.

The first year growing any grain is usually mainly to acquire seeds. Our bean harvest was only enough to seed again next year. Amaranth however will be enough to make sprouts sometime in winter. And that reminds me, I have been trying to remind myself more that homesteading is a process. No one goes from beginner to self sufficient in a year, or even in two or three years. It’s all about taking small & consistant steps.

And for garden successes I must mention our squash harvest. Here in the picture there are three but we have harvested at least 30 and there are around a dozen more still maturing. Here these are called zapallos and are delicious steamed with olive oil, toasted nuts, and grated cheese on top. Next year we will be doubling the amount of space dedicated to these productive vegetables.

And in other news::  I took a bit of a break from writing blogs and posting on social media. All these preparations for traveling have taken more time than I imagined. I have also been trying my best to stay present and enjoy the changing of seasons. And also, before my trip (which will last 6 weeks).

And as for farm animals/pets, Jona and I both wanted to get the cats fixed before I leave9 and so far we are on track with 3 out of 5 operated. Here are Paprika and Brujula in recovery:

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