Gardens & Ecology

Paths of California

Blue Lupine growing in a field in the foothills.

After nearly two years away I finally made it back home to the state of California, USA. To my surprise, things are mostly back to normal with folks visiting each other and covid times mostly behind us. The airports weren’t totally full but I wasn’t alone in my travels either. Though I stressed about the trip previous to setting off, things moved smoothly in my international voyage, thankfully!

The first few days I have tried my best to connect to the garden I help out with here which is the backyard herb garden I tend to with my Mom. We grow all kinds of perennial herbs like rosemary, rose, mint, oregano and lemon grass – many of those herbs thrive on light watering and the natually dry climate we have here in Northern California.

Rue and rosemary in the backyard herb garden.
Motherwort – an herb that has helped me so much through this covid craziness.

Spring brings lovelu flowers and blooms and I wanted to share a few photos taken of common flowers growing in Northern California this time of year.

Our backyard Marshmallow plant.
California Poppies growing in the Sierra Nevadas
Wildflowers growing in the alley, tended to by a dear neighbor.
A close-up of Iclandic poppies, also growing in the alley.

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