The Sewing Studio

After a couple months of focusing on other things my sewing practice is in action again!! I am working from my parent’s home which comes with access to a sewing machine and a lot of space for my projects, products & creations. These new sewing kits are available for sale on my mom’s online shop –

Far from abandoned, the Flora Libra Etsy is being restocked with paper art & zines as well as sewing kits. And here from California it will all be much easier (& faster) to ship. This weekend I also printed a fresh round of zines, the newest edition to Flora Libra Zine, which is a print companion to this blog. Here are a few sneak peaks from the tiny magazine:

And of course there are a thousand other loose ends & gardening project going on too. I’m sort of torn on whether I should dedicate a whole zine to urban herb gardening or instead write a series of blog articles on the subject. I always try to save some extra interesting material for the zine that isn’t posted on online. The previous issue was all about herbs with a little bit of fun extras like tincture making, a tarot card reading & more. If you are interested in purchasing a copy do check out my shop. Thanks and happy crafting!

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