Flora Libra Zines

History Changed : again!

Re-introducing my new/old zine called History Changed. Life has inspired me to re-print a collection of the poem-collage series I made long ago. History Changed ran from about 2013 to 2016 & was the most important art project I had going on during my post-college & traveling years. I wasn’t yet blogging, didn’t have a smart phone to distract me, and thus spent many hours collecting phrases, constructing each poem, and collaging the format together.

If you follow my blog you will know that I have been staying at my parents place for the last month or so. Here I have access to the originals and a few of the last copies of History Changed back in my hands. I plan to make copies & compile these eclectic little zines to once again share with interested viewers. It was a project I thought I had left in the past but recently I was reminded of the fun, wisdom & wierdness that they brought into my life, and apparently others too! Soon you will be able to find digital copies (for free) here on this website & physical copies for sale on my etsy page. At the moment I have a History Changed mini-zine (one page front & back, in color) of poems, collage & introspection:

Thanks so much for reading my blog, if you are interested in exploring History Changed, you can find the etsy listing here.

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