Flora Libra Zines

Zine Shop Dreams

For many years I have been making booklets, little magazines & other tiny art to share and gift. For almost as many years I have dreamed of starting my own zine shop — and finally that dream is coming true with the opening of my etsy store dedicated to zines (DIY publications) stickers and stationary.

Actually this is just one aspect of the dream. I dream for peace, for equality for all beings, for humans to recognize their roles as caretakers of nature (& not owners of) — and try to encorporate all these dreamz into the zines I humbly offer on my etsy page + some stickers too.

Spring/Summer Floral Sticker Set

So, I am sharing a photo of the offerings I have currently for sale on my etsy page, not just to promote my work but also to inspire others who have always dreamed of selling their art. It really isnt as hard as I thought to get my zines & art together and set up this site & the shop. The biggest hurtle was my own shyness!

Thanks so much for reading & for your likes & comments.
💚 Chloe 💚

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