Gardens & Ecology

Study Materials for Inspired Gardeners

In my last post I discussed a food forest / garden that I have helped out with over the years. This post I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts on the topics of ecology & permaculture. Hopefully these will inspire you as much as they inspired me:

Sustainable World Radio

Gardening, herbalism and permaculture design are all regular topics on this amazing podcast. Each episode is an interview with expert in these areas of ecology and gives out tons of useful information for gardeners and aspiring permaculture designers. Here are my top three episodes:

The Higherside Chats

This is one of my favorite podcasts in general though it doesn’t usually cover gardening & permaculture. The episodes that are dedicated to those topics are always super motivating and magical, here is one:

Just for fun, zines & internet wisdom:

I’m throwing in a few print publications that have truly aided me in the process of living more ecologically. Books and zines specifically. I will update this post as I upload more zine photos!!

& just an inspirational phrase from instagram about soil life

Thanks so much for reading this post & following my blog! Do you have a podcasts, blog or book to mention?

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