My Herbal Apothecary

A recent sunny afternoon was spent drying herbs in weak rays of sun. Normally I avoid drying herbs directly in the sun but, I wanted these herbs to catch some winter solstice sunlight and take some beautiful outdoor pictures.

Dedicating time to organize my stock of herbs is a happy winter ritual. I took note of herbs that we have already run out of and need to grow more of this coming spring and summer like Sunflower petals and Poleo ( a pennyroyal).

Roses : or what I have left of the roses harvested last spring. I use these in my tea mixes with rosemary and lemon verbena. I also make little decorative (and magical) bottles for friends or spells that often include rose petals.

Tarot reading for the day. These cards are for you, for me and everyone else reading this post now! Seven of Earth, the Fool and the Magician. The cards were drawn from the Herbcrafter’s Tarot – one of my all time favorite decks.

Happy Winter, or Summer and special to all the herbalist, tarot readers and medicine makers who follow this blog. Leave a comment below if you are a plant love too!

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