Gardens & Ecology

Water Workings

A long time ago humans used little rituals to bring about favorable weather. These were prayers, earth-works, and everyday practices  quite normal to the typical agrarian being.

Now-a-days we tend to focus on the bad news: the fires raging on TV or disasterous statistics online.

I wonder, is being so “informed” really helping ?

What if instead we put our thoughts, prayers, and physical energy into bringing about positive climate solutions.
💧 Into thanking the lakes, streams and other bodies of water that are nearby.
💧Into escavating new water works – future ponds and human-scale reserves so that the soil, our gardens & forests can’t become so depleted of humidity.

This isn’t often discussed in the mainstream – that humans can have positive effects on climate & ecosystems. If we decide to.

So : many thanks to this small pond, the aquatic plants and animals who live here.
Many thanks to the ancestors of this land for building these ponds.
And many thanks to Jona ,my partner, for his teamwork in recovering this pond together last

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