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Garden Journal :: Virgo Season

Hello friends of the internet & blog followers! How is your Septemeber going? It feels like too long has passed since my last blog posts, but in reality so much has happened and its only been two weeks. I wanted to share a bit here both news of the garden and my art/work. So, here we go …

Welcome to Virgo Season:

Traditionally – in the Europe/Eurasian continents where most of our myths of Astrology comes from – Virgo season marked the time of the year to harvest dried grains like wheat, barley and corn. It also was the time to sow the seeds for winter crops like kale species, root crops, and winter grain varieties. The Virgo/ young woman is the symbol of this sign and season as not only a symbol of abundance but also fertility.

Where I now live and garden, in the Southern hemisphere, the 22nd od August to 21st of September (Virgo season in tropical/popular Astrology) is the very bogging of spring. During this time of year we work in the garden preparing the soil and planting seeds. No matter where you are in the world, it seems, this season is all about the soil & ferlity.

Garden chores:

I tried to take a picture of myself in the garden but didnt quite get my whole body in the photo, oh well!

As the soil warms up and the days get slightly longer we are planting our spring garden. This means we are planting seeds directly like cilantro, lettuce, arugula and other greens. This is our third year growing in this garden and the work we have done to improve the soil is really paying off. Everything is growing fast and weeding is also a constant activity.

Every spring nettles, dandelions and other nutritious greens sprout up on their own and we are so grateful! Nettles are a big part of our diet in teas, steamed, and raw in pesto. Yesterday I made a nettle pesto with toasted almonds, olive oil, and salt.

A basket full of fresh nettles that grow wild in our garden during spring and fall.

Collecting and making food with what grows abundantly around us is the main way I connect with nature and my inner medicine woman, my inner Virgo. On this blog I have shared my wild greens pesto recipe many times, here is a link to one blog post. And hopefully you can also give this recipe a try, plant something or tend the the nature surrounding you. Your inner Virgo aplauds you!

White yarrow leaves bursting out through the soil in the herb garden.

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