Hi & Welcome. This is a blog about gardening, crafting and living in balance with nature in this modern world. Via these pages and blog posts I will be documenting & linking to all of the projects I am apart of both online and in the physical world. Thank you so much for visiting my site – Chloe

a little about me :: First & foremost I am a gardener and spend many hours each week working on a shared vegetable garden with my partner, Jonathan (aka Jona), we have a garden and ecological project called Huertos Presentes. The garden is currently located in central Argentin and post garden related info & updates on the project’s instagram page. The food we grow is for ourselves and to trade with neighbors and also plant flowers and provide native plant habitat for our local bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds:

About the Flora Libra Blog:

I plan to continually post articles about gardening, herbalism, DIY projects, and pollinators on this blog and the instagram version of this blog: @flora.libra.gardener. Click on the tab titled blog to read all of my past and recent posts of click here.

Also :: There are a few collages I made for sale through the online store Staccarto.com based in Sacramento, California. This shop sells all kinds of home decor, mandalas, and self care products. I am so fortunate that they are carrying some of my art and the sewing kits that I make by hand here in Argentina (and later mail to the store in California) here are a few images of kits currently of sale on their website and Etsy page:

And one more thing : I have an Etsy store where I sell stationary and my little zine – publications. All of the products in the store are made by me, by hand, and shipped worldwide from our little studio in Argentina. You can get to the store through this link, or by clicking on the tab titled Etsy shop.

thank you SO much for reading my blog and exploring this website — with time there will be more and more free information about my world and our planet’s ecology.

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