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Zine Shop Dreams

For many years I have been making booklets, little magazines & other tiny art to share and gift. For almost as many years I have dreamed of starting my own zine shop -- and finally that dream is coming true with the opening of my etsy store dedicated to zines (DIY publications) stickers and stationary.… Continue reading Zine Shop Dreams


Creative Lists and Bullet Journaling

One of the biggest challenges of adulting has been making routines and staying organized. It has been one of those good challenges because something I really didn't enjoy about being a child/teenager was going to school where someone else decided my day-to-day. And now at 28 years old, my "career" consists of various side gigs… Continue reading Creative Lists and Bullet Journaling

Crafts · Learning Spanish

Incoming Mail :: letters & packages received this week

On my instagram page I posted a few pictures of the mail I received on Friday and wanted to also share them here because seeing mail gives me joy, what about you?? Here we have a small package of books from an online book store owned by a friend and a handwritten letter from a… Continue reading Incoming Mail :: letters & packages received this week


My Favorite Books for Learning Spanish

Over the years the task of becoming fluent in a foreign language can become as boring as sitting in the classroom all day. Personally, I have been learning Spanish for a long time, about 10 years, starting with a couple of years of classes in high school and many years of self-study. And during the… Continue reading My Favorite Books for Learning Spanish