Walks through Woods

Each morning I take a walk around the farm and the surrounding wildlands. We live in a rural area but there are plenty of neighbors too, so I enjoy these peaceful moments with nature and would like to share them with you! Espinillo & Carqueja At one point this section of the land was a… Continue reading Walks through Woods

Gardens & Ecology

Study Materials for Inspired Gardeners

In my last post I discussed a food forest / garden that I have helped out with over the years. This post I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts on the topics of ecology & permaculture. Hopefully these will inspire you as much as they inspired me: Sustainable World Radio Gardening, herbalism and… Continue reading Study Materials for Inspired Gardeners

Gardens & Ecology

Garden Journal :: landscaping w/ hand tools

In a recent post I mentioned that we recently acquired a lawnmower to keep the grass low in certain areas around the farm. In that article I mentioned that we also picture a horse on these lawns and fields but forgot to include other tools we use for landscaping. I also use a diversity of… Continue reading Garden Journal :: landscaping w/ hand tools

Gardens & Ecology

Garden Journal : harvesting summer

I spent the weekend outside and enjoying the perfect summer weather. Our garden is in full swing, there is so much collecting, transplanting and organizing to do so I photographed the highlights of my summer garden chores to shar with you all. Crafting bouquets of lavender, marigolds and lemon balm, these will dry in the… Continue reading Garden Journal : harvesting summer

Gardens & Ecology

The Benefits of an Herbal Garden

Many people are getting into gardening for the first time while others are seasoned gardeners appreciating all the work that has gone into their plot over the years. I suppose I fall somewhere in between and have been tending to small gardens for years, last year my partner and I took our garden to the… Continue reading The Benefits of an Herbal Garden

Gardens & Ecology

Limonera Chica :: the Broadwinged Swallowtail

This morning when I went out to check on the garden I was surprised to find a Broad-banded Swallowtail Heraclides astyalus - in Spanish la Limonera Chica. This butterfly is fairly common on the farm where we live but I have never been able to see one so close up. Normally this butterfly is in… Continue reading Limonera Chica :: the Broadwinged Swallowtail