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Garden Journal :: orange season

Happy Lammas, happy Imbolc, happy end of Winter, happy final weeks of Summer - where ever you are, however you celebrate the changing of the seasons, I wish you the best. For me here in the Southern Hemisphere it spring is just barely beginning. Nettles are springing up from the previously hard and frozen soil.… Continue reading Garden Journal :: orange season

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Garden Journal : winter and rest

Images from the winter garden: - June & July are the coldest months here in Argentina. Not many plants survive these frosty times but I go out into the garden daily to appreciate the plants that are there: lemon balm, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, and nettles. Most often I spend my gardening time adding layers… Continue reading Garden Journal : winter and rest

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Food Forest :: a never ending work in progress

I have been blessed to have had the chance to be a part of two food forests in the past few years. One of them, the forest garden I will focus on for this blog post, is a collaborative garden in my parent's backyard. Over the years my mom and I have planted a small… Continue reading Food Forest :: a never ending work in progress


Harvesting and Making :: creative ways to utilize your herbs

During long walks around neighborhoods and gazing into front yards I have noticed something - a lot of people are growing herbs. Rosemary, Oregano and Lavender are all common plants in this dry climate and all are flourishing during summer but, I am not so sure how often people are actually using the herbs they… Continue reading Harvesting and Making :: creative ways to utilize your herbs

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Garden Journal :: the transitional time

Just a week after the equinox I sit in the garden surrounded by pots and type out this blog post with the help of my cellphone. It is officially fall in the Southern Hemisphere and although the weather is getting cooler, gardening is far from over. Fall is a great time to plant and grow… Continue reading Garden Journal :: the transitional time

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Garden Journal :: landscaping w/ hand tools

In a recent post I mentioned that we recently acquired a lawnmower to keep the grass low in certain areas around the farm. In that article I mentioned that we also picture a horse on these lawns and fields but forgot to include other tools we use for landscaping. I also use a diversity of… Continue reading Garden Journal :: landscaping w/ hand tools