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Container Gardening

Even if you don't have much space, you can still make a green oasis at your home. Ceramic & plastic pots make great places to grow the garden of your dreams. In fact, some herbs prefer growing in containers! In this post I am going to share some of my favorite container plants and how… Continue reading Container Gardening


Harvesting and Making :: creative ways to utilize your herbs

During long walks around neighborhoods and gazing into front yards I have noticed something - a lot of people are growing herbs. Rosemary, Oregano and Lavender are all common plants in this dry climate and all are flourishing during summer but, I am not so sure how often people are actually using the herbs they… Continue reading Harvesting and Making :: creative ways to utilize your herbs

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Herb Gardening — growing a backyard apothecary

Calendula plants & valerian growing in filtered light of the front yard. I'm "home" - in the suburban Californian landscape of my childhood. Being here again, after a couple years away, has fueled a desire to reconnect with this land and get started on gardening projects right away. In my garden in Argentina I usually… Continue reading Herb Gardening — growing a backyard apothecary

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The Benefits of an Herbal Garden

Many people are getting into gardening for the first time while others are seasoned gardeners appreciating all the work that has gone into their plot over the years. I suppose I fall somewhere in between and have been tending to small gardens for years, last year my partner and I took our garden to the… Continue reading The Benefits of an Herbal Garden

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Homesteader Diary :: Summer Garden Update

A few months have past since I posted a garden update. I had a few topical articles I was eager to share about butterflies and ecology but this blog isn't only for talking about ecology - it's also about being a part of ecology. We all play a significant role in our local ecologies and… Continue reading Homesteader Diary :: Summer Garden Update