My Herbal Apothecary

Dedicating time to organize my stock of herbs is a happy winter ritual. I took note of herbs that we have already run out of and need to grow more of this coming spring and summer like Sunflower petals and Poleo ( a pennyroyal).

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Hawthorn :: and other medicine for the Heart <3

All my fellow herbalists residing in the northern hemisphere are surely enjoying the abundance of flowers and herbs this time of year (spring). Personally I've been up in Oregon visiting family, going on walks around my mom's favorite trails of her childhood. On any walk I always take along a cloth bag and trimming scissors… Continue reading Hawthorn :: and other medicine for the Heart ❤


Orange Peel and Lemon Verbena Tea

In our house we make herbal tea daily and have been drinking a combination of lemon verbena leaves & orange peel tea for relaxation and immune system support plus Reishi mushroom tincture for the last several months. This formula is immune supporting (orange peel + reishi) and also relaxing (lemon verbena). This isn't necessarily the… Continue reading Orange Peel and Lemon Verbena Tea


Backyard Herbalism : Growing Calendula

Beginner herbalists and gardeners just getting started with their herbal garden find no better plant than Calendula officinalis. This herb/flower is much loved by bees & butterflies, has many medicinal properties, and is a useful pest deterrent to plant alongside tomatoes & other crops. Calendula is an easy to grow herb that I have been… Continue reading Backyard Herbalism : Growing Calendula


Backyard Herbalism :: Lemon Balm for Stressful Times

I would like to offer up my favorite herbal ally and the most relaxing tea for these tense times. Lemon balm- Melissa officinalis – is an extremely easy plant to grow, in fact, once introduced to a garden lemon balm is reluctant to leave and will readily establish herself for years to come. But I… Continue reading Backyard Herbalism :: Lemon Balm for Stressful Times