Herbal Healing with Mullein

In a couple of weeks I will be traveling home to see my family after over a year of separation, yay! In preparation for traveling I am stocking up on all the necessary herbal remedies both for myself and for my partner who will be home alone for 6 weeks while I am in California.… Continue reading Herbal Healing with Mullein

Gardens & Ecology

The Benefits of an Herbal Garden

Many people are getting into gardening for the first time while others are seasoned gardeners appreciating all the work that has gone into their plot over the years. I suppose I fall somewhere in between and have been tending to small gardens for years, last year my partner and I took our garden to the… Continue reading The Benefits of an Herbal Garden


Orange Peel and Lemon Verbena Tea

In our house we make herbal tea daily and have been drinking a combination of lemon verbena leaves & orange peel tea for relaxation and immune system support plus Reishi mushroom tincture for the last several months. This formula is immune supporting (orange peel + reishi) and also relaxing (lemon verbena). This isn't necessarily the… Continue reading Orange Peel and Lemon Verbena Tea