My Herbal Apothecary

Dedicating time to organize my stock of herbs is a happy winter ritual. I took note of herbs that we have already run out of and need to grow more of this coming spring and summer like Sunflower petals and Poleo ( a pennyroyal).

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Crafting with Herbs :: making dry bouquets

There is a special magic intrinsically linked to the beauty of plants, especially when arranged in bouquets or decoration. Personally I love to make and dry bouquets to enjoy in future months or to burn as incense. In this blog post I will share with you the process of making herbal bouquets with two very… Continue reading Crafting with Herbs :: making dry bouquets

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The Benefits of an Herbal Garden

Many people are getting into gardening for the first time while others are seasoned gardeners appreciating all the work that has gone into their plot over the years. I suppose I fall somewhere in between and have been tending to small gardens for years, last year my partner and I took our garden to the… Continue reading The Benefits of an Herbal Garden