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Water Workings

A long time ago humans used little rituals to bring about favorable weather. These were prayers, earth-works, and everyday practices  quite normal to the typical agrarian being. Now-a-days we tend to focus on the bad news: the fires raging on TV or disasterous statistics online. I wonder, is being so "informed" really helping ? What… Continue reading Water Workings

Sprouting and Germinating

More Experiments in Germination

I love germinating - it is a part of my daily and weekly routine and has been for a number of years now. Despite my love of sprouting grains, I find it challenging to write about germinating grains in a fun, inspiring way. My wish is to spread the word about this simple way to add some extra nutrition to our diets. And so, I continue to write and hope to find a an inspiring thread here somewhere.

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Garden Journal : winter and rest

Images from the winter garden: - June & July are the coldest months here in Argentina. Not many plants survive these frosty times but I go out into the garden daily to appreciate the plants that are there: lemon balm, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, and nettles. Most often I spend my gardening time adding layers… Continue reading Garden Journal : winter and rest

Gardens & Ecology

Study Materials for Inspired Gardeners

In my last post I discussed a food forest / garden that I have helped out with over the years. This post I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts on the topics of ecology & permaculture. Hopefully these will inspire you as much as they inspired me: Sustainable World Radio Gardening, herbalism and… Continue reading Study Materials for Inspired Gardeners

Gardens & Ecology

Food Forest :: a never ending work in progress

I have been blessed to have had the chance to be a part of two food forests in the past few years. One of them, the forest garden I will focus on for this blog post, is a collaborative garden in my parent's backyard. Over the years my mom and I have planted a small… Continue reading Food Forest :: a never ending work in progress

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Homesteader Diary :: So Many Baby Animals!!

Life on a farm rotates betweens rewarding days and confusing days, at least for me anyway. Some days I feel like I achieved so much and perfectly balanced my work on the computer with my real life digging in the dirt. Other days I feel like I started a dozen projects but didnt actually accomplish… Continue reading Homesteader Diary :: So Many Baby Animals!!